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The Usos on what it's like to do non-scripted promos, not knowing what New Day would say during Rap Battle segment

The Usos

The Usos are the guests this week on D-Von Dudley's "Table Talk" podcast.

Jimmy and Jey Usos talked about how they transitioned into their Uso Penitentiary gimmick, the idea of them splitting up, fighting over Call of Duty and much more.

Here are some highlights:

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The Usos talked about being allowed to perform non-scripted interviews: “We were finally allowed to give an interview and they said you have 30 seconds. We thought what can you say in 30 seconds that will get people on your side? We put black on because we went from colors to straight black and white. We put our hoodies on. We said, it’s not paranoia, it’s the Usos. Then we ran with it. We started saying that we are locking this down like in the penitentiary. We were just talking like we talked back in the day, talking trash on the court. Once that came along, we got so comfortable with that and that’s when it started oozing out and it became so fun and so new.”

D-Von Dudley commented on the Usos being given free rein on interviews: “I remember coming to you and saying I think they want to start pushing you in a different direction. I said they need to let you talk. That’s the biggest thing. I told you if they give you 30 seconds or 5 minutes, just go out there and be you. I remember in the meetings, the question was asked if they can do it. I raised my hand and said, excuse me. I have something to say. I told them all you have to do is let them be them. Don’t try to write a script for them. Don’t try to tell them what to say. Let the Usos be the Usos. Trust me when I say this. You will hit a home run.”

The Usos talked about their face-off with the New Day on SmackDown: “We pitched the idea for the Rap Battle. When we got there, we didn’t want to know what they were going to say and vice versa. When we were out there, we were listening to everything. That was the fun part. We had a blast because we killed it.”

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