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The very latest on Chael Sonnen and WWE and who set up the meeting

Here is the situation with Chael Sonnen in WWE. Chael was telling the truth when he said last week on TSN's Off The Record that he was invited to be in San Jose for WrestleMania weekend. He will be at the Hall of Fame ceremony and at WrestleMania 31. Despite WWE denying that a meeting will be taking place, the whole deal started with him just attending the events that weekend and then having an unofficial meeting with Kevin Dunn about a possible role for him on WWE television.

The deal to have Sonnen meet with WWE officials was coordinated by Gerald Brisco. Brisco is friends with Sonnen. It doesn't appear that the company wants to have him wrestle and quite frankly it would be tough for him to start at 37 years old. He would still need to put in some time in WWE's developmental system and it could be a few years before he's actually ready for the main roster. So the interest appears to be from the announcing side since Sonnen has a regular gig with ESPN and it would be difficult to work there and wrestle full-time. Sonnen has a little bit (a few days actually) of professional wresting training from his days at the WCW Power Plant. There are a couple of guys that were older that WWE made exceptions for (Rico Constantino and The Boogeyman) but those were acts with a short shelf life and were not pushed as serious acts and that was another era of their developmental program.

Wanderlei Silva said on twitter that he had gotten an offer from WWE and he told the media in Brazil that the offer was better than what he was ever offered for fighting. The thing with his claim is that he was getting paid top money in UFC and it's hard to believe that WWE would offer him more than what UFC was paying him. WWE has denied having any discussions with Silva but there has to be something to his story because it doesn't make sense for him to just make up something like that out of nowhere and it was being talked about privately by other people (besides Sonnen) before Silva brought it up publicly. For the record, Silva is still under contract to UFC even though he is not being booked for fights due to his suspension. Also, Silva may not be doing himself any favors with his criticism of UFC. If he had an offer to go elsewhere then I could see UFC making him sit out his contract first.

The one thing that would probably make sense from the WWE side is to use Silva's name to break into the Brazil market. Brazil has one of the bigger economies in the world and wrestling ran there in the past and was very popular at the time. Many years later when WWE ran shows in Brazil they didn't do so well.

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