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The very latest on Sting/WWE; more Hall of Fame inductees

Dave Meltzer is reporting in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter that Sting had not signed a contract yet with WWE as of this past weekend. The deal is said to be super close though and Sting is ready to sign. They are working on merchandising with him and the deal with Sting would be that he would not work at this years WrestleMania. There are people in the company pushing to include Sting in this years WrestleMania though.

Paul Bearer seems to be a lock for this year's WWE Hall of Fame. The company is also looking at Lita as a possibility. They are also trying really hard to get Mr. T in the Hall of Fame this year too. Mr. T was responsible for getting a ton of media to cover WrestleMania 1 and without him the event would have not been a success and if the event wasn't a success then the McMahon's would have gone bankrupt.

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