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The Wolfpack/Kliq hand gesture has been trademarked...and not by WWE

We noted yesterday that WWE was looking to trademark the Kliq hand signal that was used by members of the NWO in the late 1990s and currently being used by The Bullet Club on shows and on Bullet Club merchandise. Well, according to a 2011 press release, North Carolina State University owns the trademark.

According to Gregg Zarnstorff, director of Trademark Licensing, the new Web site——has been re-written and re-organized so that users of our brand marks can learn more about how the university licenses the use of brand marks, how they can/cannot be used, and how/when they need to get permission to use them. The site is also a good source to determine the latest version of logos, such as the “Block S”.

“The Block S went through a slight redesign a few years ago, but we still see the old version popping up. By visiting our site, you can ensure you are using the most up-to-date marks, which protects our brand,” said Zarnstorff.

Brand marks not only include the visual images like the “Block S,” Tuffy the Strutting Wolf logo, and the University seal, but also trademarked names and slogans, such as Wolfpack Women®, GoPack™, Wolf Village™, and even the “Wolfie” hand gesture.

Here is race car drive Harrison Rhodes doing the NC State Wolfpack hand gesture:

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The Young Bucks responded to the story yesterday on twitter: