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The WWE 24/7 Championship was not Vince McMahon’s idea, reason why it was created

The WWE 24/7 Championship was introduced this week to boost the declining ratings but the creation of the title was not Vince McMahon’s idea. Dave Meltzer provided some details on the creation of the title in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Basically, the USA Network has been complaining about the declining ratings, specifically the third hour. That would explain why they tried to change the look of the third hour with darker graphics and darker lighting. USA has been pushing McMahon to make changes that would fix the third hour ratings because historically the third hour used to be the most watched hour but that has not been the case in recent years.

USA Network has been sending ideas to WWE and, according to one person with knowledge, the ideas were bad. The 24/7 Championship idea was the best one and McMahon knew he had to use one of their ideas so that is why the title was created.

The idea is that the title can be defended at any time, similar to the old Harcore Championship.

Aside from the lighting and graphics in the third hour, the one thing different I noticed is that when they were showing still photos from the Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio match from Money In The Bank, they did not edit out Joe’s blood on his face and they did not do their black and white coloring so that’s a small hint of the third hour becoming edgier as Foley implied during his promo.


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