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The WWE Hall of Fame 1994, 1995, and 1996 ceremonies are up on the WWE Network

WWE has added footage from the first Hall of Fame induction ceremony. There is a disclaimer at the beginning to let viewers know that the speeches shown in the most complete form possible due to production difficulties. The original Hall of Fame ceremonies were taped but they were not meant to air on television. The program starts with hosts Renee Young and Gene Okerlund in the WWE Studios in Stamford. Then they show Andre The Giant's Hall of Fame video from 1993 and that is followed by Gorilla Monsoon's induction video from 1994. Monsoon's full speech airs.

They showed a really cool video package on Freddie Blassie with footage from the 1950s and 60s and then they showed Blassie's speech. Blassie's speech is hilarious and it was hard not to notice Vince McMahon (who was sitting next to where Blassie was standing) cracking up laughing.

Gorilla Monsoon, Arnold Skaalanad, Freddie Blassie, and Chief Jay Strongbow's speeches were shown. Bobo Brazil was inducted by Ernie Ladd. They did show Ladd's speech where he talked about Bobo. Due to production issues, James Dudley and Buddy Rogers inductions were not able to be shown but Gene and Renee talked about them while they showed some classic footage of both men.

I am not seeing the Hall of Fame 1994 on the main menu but you can search for it and it should come up if you search "Hall of Fame 1994."

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They don't have as much footage of the 1995 Hall of Fame ceremony but they were able to find a couple of speeches. They have much more 1996 HOF footage and the Captain Lou Albano speech might be one of the best HOF speeches ever. Seriously.