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The WWE SmackDown hacker has launched a Twitter account with a new message

It looks like the WWE SmackDown hacker has moved on from Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville and now has his/her sights set on the tag team division.

As part of the hacker’s campaign to expose the “truth,” they have set up a Twitter account under the username @TheMessageWWE.

Several fans on social media have noticed that the account already has over 100,000 followers. That is because WWE simply renamed an account that they set up over a decade ago.

@TheMessageWWE was formerly the account for @StandUpForWWE. The “Stand Up For WWE” campaign from a decade ago urged fans to forward “Stand Up for WWE” videos to fans and friends. The campaign also urged fans to email reporters about stories that are “unfair” towards the company. The campaign was set up in response to what Vince McMahon said were negative attacks directed at the company while his wife Linda was running for Senate in Connecticut.

Check out the first tweet from @TheMessageWWE:

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