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The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes turned down seven-figure offers from WWE

Young Bucks Cody Rhodes

The recent skit on Being The Elite that shows them turning down WWE offers was meant to mirror what happened in real life.

Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks turned down big offers from WWE and now, thanks to an update on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, we know how serious WWE was about trying to keep them from starting the All Elite Wrestling promotion.

Dave Meltzer reported that three members of the Elite turned down main event money. The offer was for a multi-year deal for more than seven figures annually. Keep in mind that the type of money offered is what they would offer to top-tier talent and its money that no one would have thought was possible a year ago.

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"They turned down an offer much higher than this," Meltzer said on the Wrestling Observer Forum in response to a reader wondering if WWE would offer The Young Bucks $1 million base pay with a nice percentage of their merchandise.

The All In pay-per-view and the rumors about All Elite Wrestling have changed the game.

We should know more about All Elite Wrestling in January. Meltzer noted that Rhodes is already a free agent and others (presumably The Young Bucks) can sign on January 1st. There is no TV deal in place, despite what has been previously reported but the people involved with AEW seem confident because they wouldn't have turned down such a big WWE offer if they didn't think this venture would get off the ground.

None of the names linked to All Elite Wrestling are booked for anything after Wrestle Kingdom but there is no indication that they don't want to continue working for New Japan. The question is what happens with NJPW's relationship with ROH and would New Japan not want to use The Elite out of loyalty to ROH? Would New Japan consider ditching their relationship with ROH so they could work with AEW?

So many questions need to be answered and we may start finding things out in a few weeks.