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The Young Bucks comment on possibly joining WWE

Ring of Honor wrestling

Ring of Honor wrestling

The Young Bucks spoke to Sports Illustrated about possibly joining WWE. Here is what the tag team had to say:

Nick Jackson:

"You don't need to make it with WWE to be a successful wrestler. We're trying to change that perception and prove otherwise. The last few years, we've done better financially than a lot of guys in the WWE. No one knows that, but it's possible to make a living without them. It takes a lot of hustle, but it's possible."

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Matt Jackson:

"Could we handle the WWE? We don't know. It's never been a real enough thing for me to even to know. Maybe one day will come and then I'll know how I feel about it. But if they want to make money, then the WWE is missing out by not having us. We are a proven draw without the WWE machine behind us."

You can read the full interview at this link.