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The Young Bucks media scrum: Cody Rhodes update, their match at AEW Fyter Fest, the Street Fighter entrance, and more

Young Bucks was part of the AEW Fyter Fest post-show media scrum in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Here are some things covered during the Young Bucks media scrum:

- They don't want too many titles in AEW. No plans for six-man tag team titles.
- Nick and Matt addressed Cody Rhodes' unprotected chair shot. Nick said Cody got staples in his head after the match.
- The Street Fighter entrance at Fyter Fest.
- They talked about the time queue's during matches and how it makes them feel more sportslike.
- They believe Fyter Fest is a one-and-done show but they do like Daytona Beach's Ocean Center so it's possible that they will return.
- The link between wrestling fans and gamers.
- Fight For The Fallen will have a lot less (if any) comedic elements.
- They put over Laredo Kid and The Lucha Bros as superstars.

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Check out the video from the scrum below: