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Thea Trinidad comments on her relationship with Austin Aries, gives high praise to Asuka

TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling

Former TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion Thea Trinidad recently appeared on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show to talk about various topics including how her relationship with Austin Aries started out, and her experience in NXT when she wrestled Asuka.

For those who do not know, Trinidad is in a real life relationship with Aries. When asked how they met, she explained that when they were in TNA, they had a talent meeting. At the meeting, she was talking to Bubba Ray Dudley, and when she was about to finish her last sentence before the meeting started, she heard somebody shush her. She wondered who it was and when she turned around, she saw Aries. ‘Who the [heck] are you to be shushing me?!’ And he’s like, ‘Oh. I’m just kidding. The meeting is about to start, and I was just messing with you.’ And I was like, okay, okay. Whatever. I’ll mess with him later. And then, he had a really great match… and we just started talking after that, and everything just kinda happened. But it all started from a shush.”

On October 26th, 2016, Trinidad worked with NXT Women’s Champion Asuka. When asked about the match, she stated that was surprised that she wasn’t nervous before the match because it didn’t click to her of the gravity of the situation until she was standing in the ring with the cameras on her. She stated that she loves Asuka and thinks that her work is an amazing. “It was such an honor to be in the ring with her, and she’s an incredible person, so it was like a home vibe, because I had Sarita there as the producer, I had Austin Aries there with me, and then Terry Taylor, who actually was the one who hired me in TNA.” She said that it felt like a good family vibe and that she was supposed to be there.

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