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There are no plans for Steve Austin after WWE WrestleMania 38



Stone Cold Steve Austin has promised to open one last can of "whoop ass" at WWE WrestleMania 38 but there have been rumors that perhaps he will stick around and do more shows.

Austin is not advertised for anything after WrestleMania but he has helped ticket sales and one has to wonder if Austin would be willing to make more appearances this year, especially since he is in great shape. Note: click here to see what Austin looks like these days.

As of now, it does not look like Austin will be doing anything after WrestleMania. Ringside News reports that whatever Austin will be doing at WrestleMania is just a one-off. A WWE source reportedly said, "One time deal. As of now."

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Vince McMahon had pushed for Austin to do one last match and Jim Ross hinted on his podcast that Austin would have preferred a few months to prepare so that might be why he is not advertised for an actual match at WrestleMania.

Austin has been getting in great cardio shape and the plan is for him to do more than just a kick and a stunner. As of this writing, the plan is for Owens and Austin to close WrestleMania Saturday.

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