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There is a push in WWE to grant releases to wrestlers who want to leave



As noted before, WWE does not want to let wrestlers leave because they want to avoid having them jump to All Elite Wrestling or another major wrestling company like New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Sin Cara is the latest name to ask for his release and the word is that, at least as of now, there are no plans to let him out of his contract. He is being sent home after the European tour and it looks like he could end up sitting at home for a while. If WWE holds him to the terms of his contract then he will be stuck in the company until the spring of 2022.

However, there is some hope for him and others who want to leave the company. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that there are people in the company who feel that anyone who has asked for a release should be let go. They did it for Goldust and Shawn Spears (Tye Dillinger) but they have refused to release others.

Meltzer said, "there are people there who believe that all these guys should be let go because they're unhappy and all that. There's other people there who are like 'no one's getting fired and no one's getting released and no ones - whatever. I don't know what's gonna end up happening."

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Meltzer did not say who is pushing for these wrestlers to be released but it is safe to assume that Vince McMahon is the person who is refusing to grant release requests since he has the final say in all company decisions.

For what it's worth, when Goldust asked for his release earlier this year, McMahon did not want to let him go but it was Triple H who convinced McMahon to let him out of his contract.

If McMahon can be convinced again, then it would be welcome news to guys like Mike Kanellis, Luke Harper and Sin Cara. Harper has friends in AEW so that would be his likely destination. His contract expires in a few months so he'll be free to leave either way. Kanellis and Sin Cara are not a sure bet for AEW but they will have companies offering them good money. Ring Of Honor and Impact Wrestling would be two companies that would be interested and Sin Cara would likely get good money offers from promotions in Mexico.

As WWE continues to sign more independent names and offering bigger money contracts to keep wrestlers from leaving, their spending will increase and that is not something their investors like to see so perhaps, McMahon will get to a point where he decides to let some people go to reduce the spending listed on their quarterly reports. Even with the big TV revenue, there has to come a point when WWE has too man wrestlers to keep and there are already reports of them running out of locker room space at the Performance Center.

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