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There is concern about the future of 205 Live, WWE wants to know why you are not watching

It’s no secret that the 205 Live show has yet to catch on with most of the WWE fanbase. The cruiserweight matches on Raw typically don’t get much of a reaction and they’ve tried different things to get fans from leaving during 205 Live on Tuesday nights. Enzo Amore was moved to 205 Live, in part, because he is able to get a reaction and they are hoping that some that will rub off on the other talent.

On Tuesday, WWE sent out a survey to a portion of their mailing list and it’s clear that they are looking for ways to improve the show so that more fans will tune in. The survey focused on the cruiserweight division, mainly the 205 Live show.

One of the questions asked was, “What would make you more interested in watching WWE 205 Live?”

Another question that was asked was, “If WWE Superstars from Raw or SmackDown were to engage more frequently with WWE Cruiserweight Superstars on the WWE 205 Live show, how would this impact your viewing of WWE 205 Live?”

Another question on the survey asked why you have not or why are you not regularly watching 205 Live.

The question about Raw/Smackdown stars on 205 Live is interesting. The whole idea of the brand is to put a spotlight on wrestlers that weight 205 or less. It sounds like 205 Live could end up turning into another C-level show like Main Event of WWE Superstars because I don’t see them wanting to include main event talent on that show.

Why are you not watching 205 Live? Sound off in the comments below!

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