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There is no return timetable for Becky Lynch



For those of you wondering about Becky Lynch's status, nothing has changed. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that she is "off of everything" and there is no word on when she will be cleared. Concussions are hard to predict. Someone can be out for days, weeks, months or even forever in worst case scenarios.

"No return date," Meltzer said in regards to Lynch's immediate in-ring future.

The same goes for Alexa Bliss. There is no word on a return timetable for her but WWE is doing what they can to include her on shows. As we wrote about last week, there is concern about Bliss but it has not gotten to the point where they think she will be in the same boat as Paige or Daniel Bryan a couple of years ago.

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There are a lot of directions WWE can go once Lynch is cleared to return. She has a feud with Nia Jax that needs to be followed up on. Of course, they can revisit her feud with Charlotte Flair and that seems to be a direction based on some recent tweets from Lynch. The Lynch/Rousey feud seems to be on the horizon, perhaps at WrestleMania.

Hopefully, she gets cleared soon because she has turned into the hottest star in the company.