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There is one person to blame for last Monday's horrible episode of WWE Raw



Last week's episode of Monday Night Raw was one of their worst shows in quite some time.

Fans on Twitter ripped on the show because it came across as a placeholder show and the writing was atrocious and more than most weeks. The attempt at humor with Drake Maverick urinating on Bobby Roode's robe and Dean Ambrose getting needle shots on his backside didn't help matters.

The writing staff is getting the lion's share of the blame on social media but the reality is that their fingerprints were not on the show. Vince McMahon often approves ideas from his staff but last week was different.

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Dave Meltzer reported in the recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the show you saw on Monday was written mostly by McMahon after he got restless.

"And yes, Vince McMahon got restless and wrote much of the show himself," Meltzer wrote during his Raw recap in the Observer.

Hopefully, the shows get more interesting by the start of the year when they start the hype for the Royal Rumble. The Rumble is the official start of WrestleMania season.