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There might be more bad news coming for WWE regarding bullying allegations

On Sunday morning’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer discussed the Newsweek article that included quotes from Mauro Ranallo, John Layfield, and WWE. Essentially, a settlement agreement was reached between WWE and Ranallo and that would likely prevent him from saying anything negative about the company.

I know that there were many people disappointed with the quote from Ranallo but there may be more to this story. Meltzer noted that the story is ongoing so there is more stuff that has not gotten out yet. Does this mean that Mauro’s quote was edited? Or perhaps more people are going to speak out? In both cases, I don’t know. Some readers have speculated but I think it’s just better to wait and let things play out.  Earlier this week, Meltzer said that he knew about Newsweek working on a major story and they had talked to a number of people.

None of the quotes from those people were used in the story that was posted on Saturday. That could mean that Newsweek changed course on the story or they are still working on it and the Saturday story was separate from the bigger story. I guess we will find out soon enough.

Meltzer wrote the following on the Wrestling Observer forum:

Newsweek was planning a major story and had talked to a number of people, so I figured that was too big an outlet to not have a settlement.

I do think it was interesting that with those they talked with they backed off on reporting their new quotes.

Perhaps the reporter had his hands tied.

Mauro quote is what it is. When I saw the story, I thought that people would come after me but that hasn’t happened. Feels like everyone sees through it.

The tinge of accuracy is that like I wrote, some see through JBL being an emissary and where it comes from and that’s not JBL. I’ve tried to emphasize that point from the beginning especially with giving the background of what happened on that TV show and how those statements came out.

Mauro didn’t retweet Bart Gunn knocking out JBL as Rutten & Miletich didn’t say what they said for no reason, especially Bas.

JBL didn’t block everyone who wished Mauro the best for no reason either.

The good thing to me is it shined a spotlight on the situation, a lot of people with depression and mental health issues were very happy it came out, and maybe some will be sad as well, and you could see the real reporters vs. fake ones covering this industry in a way that no story in a long time would have shown.


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