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There was a heel turn on WWE Raw

Monday’s episode of Raw featured a segment where Braun Strowman demanded an apology from Shane McMahon. Strowman came down to the ring and wanted it right then, so McMahon walked out to the ring and said he apologizes then left the ring. When Strowman questioned that was it, McMahon turned on the stage and teased like he had something to say only for him to remain quiet.

Later in the show, there was another segment with McMahon and Strowman. McMahon talked about having fun. McMahon said that there was one thing they had to get done, but never said what it was. Strowman thought McMahon was trying to make him look stupid and Shane talked about Strowman not being smart. It was a strange and confusing segment. This led to Strowman chasing McMahon in the backstage area. When it appeared McMahon left in a vehicle, it turned out that he outsmarted Strowman as he was still in the arena.

When starting the recap for Raw, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez were talking about some of the booking the company did from Bobby Lashley retaining the WWE Title over The Miz and Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus going to a no-contest in a No DQ Match. Meltzer stated that WWE has never been on the same level of incompetence compared to the final years of WCW.

“Although the Shane McMahon – Braun Strowman stuff tonight was like at the highest level. This was just…the mentality is they’re trying to find a way for Shane McMahon to be the heel so the idea is he’s just going to be this dick making fun of the dumb guy.”

Bryan pointed out that Strowman is supposed to be a heel. However, Meltzer stated, “the dumb guy [Strowman] is supposed to be the babyface in this skit.”

Bryan asked if Meltzer is sure that Strowman is supposed to be a babyface and McMahon as the heel. Meltzer responded by stating, “100 percent, that’s why he [McMahon] was being a dick.” Bryan noted that when McMahon was being mean, WWE had cheers from the ThunderDome audience. Meltzer said, “yeah, well the people who did that may not know, but the idea was, he’s supposed to be a dick. They felt this was the only way they could go because the people will naturally cheer Shane against Strowman and I guess that’s not what they want.”

Bryan said WWE brought back Shane as a babyface and Strowman has been a heel. Meltzer said the idea for this promo segment was to make Shane a heel because he talked down to Strowman.

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