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There were a lot of changes made to the Edge-Randy Orton match at WWE WrestleMania



Edge was interviewed by Corey Graves this week on the After The Bell podcast and he shared an interesting tidbit on his Last Man Standing Match with Randy Orton from WrestleMania.

Edge said that a lot of things changed and the match turned into a 40-minute audible. He said, "The time that we filmed it didn't coordinate with the ideas we had. So we find that out on the day, hours before. So we had to change everything. That's truly what you saw, was a 40 minute audible. I'm proud of that. I'm proud that we, without uttering two words to each other, we're able to do that."

He continued, "It was a very very challenging thing on top of the challenges that were already there. Again, that's part of the gig, part of your job."

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Graves asked Edge what it was like to be at home while watching WrestleMania since this is the first time that Mania did not air live due to the current circumstances around the world.

"It was very odd. Very very odd," Edge said. "We built our whole year towards that night. And usually, you do it and it's that performance and then you can get home following Raw or whatever it is and then you just sit and be with it and soak it and try to enjoy it. That wasn't the case this time, it was very weird. It was just odd all the way around. There's really no other way to describe it. It was an odd experience. Again, if I pre-recorded a promo for Raw and watching it as it aired was odd as well. It's a strange scenario right now. I'd like to think we're making dew and just trying to put a product so people still have something to try and forget about the wormholes that are out there, even if it's just for two hours, three hours or whatever it is. I know it's difficult right now but if we can do that then we've done our job."

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