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There were several backstage incidents with Big Cass, including a heated argument with Sami Zayn

Big Cass’ firing from WWE is one of the big stories this week because he was generally seen as a guy that would have been pushed because of his size.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was reported that there were other incidents with him aside from the well-documented incident with the little person from weeks ago on Smackdown Live.

It wasn’t originally planned for him to lose twice via submission to Daniel Bryan on pay-per-view but that became the plan after he defied Vince McMahon’s orders during the segment with the little person. After Cass’ first submission loss to Bryan, the word was that there was more punishment coming for him but his firing was due to a series of things and the 5/1 incident with the little person was not the key incident that led to his firing.

The incident with the little person and another one where he blew off a rehearsal promo that producer Kevin Dunn asked for were two of the big reasons why there was so much heat on him of late. He also went long on time when it was time to cut the promo on live TV. Vince McMahon hated his promo so much that he ended up firing a writer over it.

As previously noted, there was also an incident where he kicked down a door after being locked in the bus bathroom during the European tour. Click here for more details on that incident. There were said to be other issues with him on that tour.

We have also noted before that he rubbed people the wrong way because he was such a vociferous supporter of Donald Trump. Cass and Sami Zayn got into an argument once about the treatment of Muslims and that ruffled some people’s feathers, but that was not what led to his firing.

There was also unhappiness with his work, specifically matches he had last year with Big Show and the recent matches with Daniel Bryan.

In hindsight, it sounds like a message was being sent when Daniel Bryan cut this promo on Cass a couple of weeks ago:


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