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Thief wearing Sting mask arrested for 56 burglaries

If you ever come into possession of a WWE or pro wrestling related mask this is a prime example of what not to do with the ability to conceal your identity. Then again, this is also an example of what not to do in general because theft is a disgusting action in general.

But one guy broke into 56 cars overnight while sporting a Sting mask and he’s not getting away with it. WBPF in Royal Palm Beach, Florida reports that the dude’s name is Christopher Dillon and he obviously has an affinity for Sting because he was sporting a mask of the WWE Hall Of Famer upon his arrest and didn’t seem to want to take it off either.

When authorities searched his residence they found property from the overnight burglaries and things connected to other thefts. Dillion will be catching other charges as well and is being held without bond in the Palm Beach County Jail.

There was also no word on if he owned other pro wrestling related masks as well just in case people need to watch out for a carjacking Finn Balor or Kalisto once he is released. But judging by the fact he hit 56 cars in one night, he might not be getting out anytime soon.


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