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Things get heated between Booker T, Daniel Cormier and Ariel Helwani

Last week, Daniel Cormier gave ideas on booking his own angles if he came to WWE. Booker T responded to them last week on the “Hall Of Fame” podcast.

This week, Booker T and Daniel Cormier continued their social media “feud” along with Ariel Helwani getting involved:

Booker T: “It’s your move Daniel Cormier. You can talk about this and you can talk about that, but right now, it’s about you and I, face to face. It’s about you and I going toe to toe right here inside the Hall of Fame.”

Booker T: “Let me tell you something.  55 years on this earth.  I want to put that out there to Ariel Helwani and Daniel Cormier.  55 years on this earth and not a f’n scratch.  Not one.  That’s what I’m talking about.  Look at me.  I’m in tip top perfect condition right now, still.  I might get whooped by Daniel Cormier but I will beat the hell out of Ariel Helwani and I’m going to tell you that right now.  I want the world to know that.  We can book that any day of the week.  I’m going to tell you right now, I will give Cormier a run for his money too.  I ain’t trying to start no fight or anything like that.  My thing is this.  I’m definitely going to defend myself.  I live in Texas.  I don’t know if you guys know about the stand your ground law here in Texas, but look here.  If you want some, you can get some, but you better be big enough and bad enough to take some because it’s going to be on like a steaming pot of neck bones cooking for about three days, meat just falling all off the bone.”

They then played the clip of Helwani and Cormier on their show from a few days ago:

Helwani: “I’m on the internet, late Friday, and I stumbled upon an article from some jabroni named Booker T and he said, how dare Daniel Cormier wants to book his own angles.  I come to your (Cormier) defense.

Cormier: “Be easy Booker T.  You better be careful. I will go upside your head. I’m not going to play around. Look at my boy Ariel jumped to my defense. We’ve got each other’s back.”

Helwani talking to Cormier: “Here’s this guy (Booker) who hasn’t been relevant for 15 years and he thinks he can waltz into the main event.”

Cormier: “Hey Booker T, you want to be the backup fight for the main event. The problem is, I love Harlem Heat. I love Stevie Ray, and the 5-time champion.  But Booker T came after me. I don’t know if we are going to be ok.  I don’t know if we can come back from this.”

Helwani to Cormier: “Here’s the difference between you and Booker T as I prop you up.  You’re a double champ. You don’t have to remind people everytime you speak how many belts you won. This guy is such an afterthought, that everytime he speaks, he has to remind people of his accolades and his accomplishments.  He has to remind people because he is such an afterthought.”

Booker: “I thought there was a tag team out there already called The Best Friends? The thing is, Daniel Cormier doesn’t want to joust with me as far as a promo goes. He knows it. Just by the way he was trying to formulate his thoughts, I can see the wheels turning. With me, I’m just going to drop it like it’s hot on you. I’m just going to go all out. You ain’t going to be able to come back from it. Your career is already over. It’s already finished and me personally, I don’t want to throw any extra dirt on that grave, but trust me, I will if you make me. If you want me to go there, I’ll go there. I just want to show Cormier and that boy, Helwani, a little something. I have 2 Hall of Fame rings. That just lets me know I did it and I did it big, just as well as Cormier. I don’t want to break Cormier down as much as I want to break Helwani. True to my word, if I catch Ariel Helwani at Starbucks, ordering his little caramel macchiato, I’m going to run up on him.”

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