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Things got crazy when Dana White and Jerry Lawler got involved in a wrestling match in Memphis

Maybe Dana White has come around on pro wrestling after all. He sure seemed to have enjoyed himself at WrestleMania, especially after seeing Ronda Rousey in action and it looked like he was having fun when he got involved in a match on Friday night. So many strange things have happened in recent years but we never thought we'd see Dana White doing anything in the wrestling business because he has frowned on wrestling being a "fake sport."

Jerry "The King" Lawler headlined "Beale St Brawl" on Friday night. The local ads included Dana White and Matt "The Terror" Serra so fans that attended probably figured that something was going down.

In the clip below, you can see White restrained until Lawler gets in the ring for the save. In the end, local wrestler Derrick King won the match and he did so with some help from White and Serra.

Before the show, White noted that his participation would be filmed for his "Lookin' for a Fight show" so you'll be able to see more footage soon on UFC's official YouTube channel.

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