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Thursday recap from San Jose, Ultimate Warrior honored at AXXESS

Here is a recap of some of the Superstar appearances and some of the events from AXXESS on Thursday. There's so much going on that we couldn't get to some of this earlier in the day but we've consolidated a lot of it here.

- The Ultimate Warrior's family was at AXXESS on Thursday for the presentation of Warrior's new statue.

- Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella visited Stanford Children's hospital

- Alicia Fox and Randy Orton granted wishes at the Make A Wish event

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- Sami Zayn and Devin Taylor at AXXESS

- Please check or the WreslteMania app for the updated WWE Superstar appearance schedule because there were some changes made yesterday.

- Renee Young and Dareen Young represented WWE at a Be A Star Rally.