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Tito Santana launches podcast with backstage stories about his time in the WWF and more

The following announcement was sent to us today:

Tito Santana talks about how he almost became WWF Champion on his new podcast, “Calling it in the Ring – With Tito Santana.”

It’s a brand new show featuring the WWE Hall of Famer, Tito Santana, also known to many fans as “El Matador.” His career with the WWE, then the WWF ran for almost 20 years as he was there for it all! From working with Vince McMahon Sr. thru the rock-n-wrestling days of the 80s, into the New Generation and right up until the Attitude Era. He has seen it all, including being ringside for the Montreal Screwjob in 1997.

Right now on the “Calling it in the Ring – w/ Tito Santana you can hear about the time Vince McMahon’s plan was to put the WWF Championship on Tito Santana instead of Bret Hart in 1992!

Also in a brand new episode, Tito talks about working the Survivor Series 1990 event on Thanksgiving day, what the McMahon family did for all the wrestlers who had to be away from their families during the holiday and what it was like to be in the main event with the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan.

Universally respected by fans and his peers, you would be hard pressed to find anyone with anything negative to say about Tito, and for years his stories have amused many inside the industry…and now for the first time ever, those stories are available to the fans…for free!

The podcast can be located on all your favorite platforms such as iTunes, and Google Play or you can check out to check us out!

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