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Titus O'Neil comments on Jordan Myles-WWE situation



WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil took to Twitter to comment on Jordan Myles' tweets about the racist t-shirt design that was posted and then pulled from

Earlier today, Myles continued to rip on WWE and also took a shot at ROH's Jay Lethal.

Here are O'Neil's thoughts on the situation: "I AM 100% in agreement that the shirt is very Distasteful. That being said, bringing others into this to vent your frustrations or Issues THAT HAVE NOTHING to do with @WWE or the shirt is also very Distasteful. If it’s #ForTheCulture Don’t attack those in it!!"

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For those of you that missed it, you can click here to see the now-deleted tweet about Lethal. He also tweeted about WWE's decision to bring back Hulk Hogan and said the company has a "fraud" system.

A few wrestlers have publicly expressed their support for Myles by changing their profile pics to black and white and tweeting with the #ForTheCulture hashtag.