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Titus O'Neil comments on New Day's statement on Hulk Hogan



Titus O'Neil took to Twitter this morning to comment on The New Day's statement on Hulk Hogan. O'Neil says that he is in full agreement and supports everything they said. He indicated that he would be posting his own statement soon and he plans on addressing erroneous reports that have been floating online in the last couple of days.

O'Neil is likely referring to the report (not reported here) claiming that he walked out of the meeting when he saw Hulk Hogan backstage before Extreme Rules. Raj Giri at Wrestling Inc. confirmed with sources that the story is false. WWE sources have also confirmed that none of what was reported on O'Neil occurred.

The consensus among many in WWE seems to be that Hogan would need to prove himself and the apology was a good step but there is a lot of work that needs to be done before he can redeem himself in the eyes of some of the active talent.

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