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Titus O’Neil-Hulk Hogan rumor killer



There was a story going around in the last 24 hours claiming that Titus O'Neil stormed off when he saw Hulk Hogan backstage on Sunday prior to Extreme Rules.

As previously noted, Hogan returned on Sunday before the show and apologized to the entire WWE roster for his racially insensitive comments from over a decade ago. The comments leaked to the media in 2015 and that is when WWE decided to cut ties with him. Based on Instagram screenshots that have surfaced on social media, it looks like O'Neil was not fully on board with Hogan's return. However, the story claiming that he walked out is false.

Raj Giri at Wrestling Inc. has provided details on what happened and there was no walk out. Basically, what happened was that the entire roster was asked to show up at the arena for a meeting. Once they got there, they learned that the meeting was about Hogan's intentions to apologize. After he apologized, some Superstars stayed and shook Hogan's hand and hugged him. Others who were not booked for Extreme Rules went back to their hotel room. O'Neil was not booked for the pay-per-view so he was one of the Superstars who left after the meeting. He did not storm off and he did not cause a scene.

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Mark Henry told TMZ on Monday that black wrestlers were split 50/50 on Hogan's return so it's not a surprise to hear that O'Neil might not be too thrilled about Hogan's return.

O'Neil also took to Instagram to post an inspirational message that some fans took as a message to Hogan:

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. -Galatians 6:9 ‬ ‪Consistency is the Key to Breakthrough in anything we desire in life. Love God,Love Others,Love Yourself,Give Unselfishly and Work tirelessly to Make The World&People around you Better and In Due Season you will Prosper Through the Fruits of Good Deeds,Thoughts&Labor. ‬

"I know and continue to Pray that my sons @tjbullardd and @titus_bullard11 will seek positive ways to Impact those around them. Regardless of Race,Gender,Sexual orientation,Religion or political stance ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE When GENUINE PEOPLE Come together and operate in truth. I have NEVER RESPECTED A PERSON That doesn’t operate in truth when it comes to making a Wrong into Right with Genuine motives. And I wouldn’t ever teach my sons to accept that either. #contentofcharacter"

Although Hogan has been reinstated into the Hall Of Fame, WWE says that he has not signed a deal yet and, despite reports to the contrary, they say that Hogan's apology was not filmed for an upcoming episode of WWE 24.