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TJP addresses odd rumor on the reason why his name was changed



There's been a rumor circulating online claiming that TJ Perkins had his name shortened to just TJP because Vince McMahon was not fond of the name "Perkins" because he is not a fan of the Perkins restaurant chain.

It all started when Bryan Alvarez said the following on the Bryan and Vinny Show:

"I was told this by someone in WWE and I believe it. It's astonishing because I suggested this like a month ago when it happened and it wasn't until yesterday that somebody told me that it's true. TJP is no longer TJ Perkins and I largely joked that clearly, Vince McMahon had a bad experience at a Perkins [restaurant]. Sure as shit, Vince apparently hates Perkins. I was told that Perkins is not a national chain but apparently, he hates it and he thinks it sucks and he thinks that if people hear 'TJ Perkins' they're gonna think of the fucking restaurant so now he's TJP. I'm just telling you what I was told. This guy [McMahon] is crazy enough that I believe that."

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The story does line up with other stories that have been told about Vince McMahon's odd quirks. Someone mentioned the story on Twitter and TJP indicated that it was his idea to change the name.