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TJP shares benefits of working on WWE main roster while having an NXT deal



Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJP recently did an interview with Wrestling Inc where he spoke about a wide range of topics.

After winning WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic, he was sent to Monday Night Raw and later 205 Live, which is where he spent the majority of his time on the main roster. During the interview, TJP revealed that 205 Live performers actually have NXT deals.

"We all had NXT deals. Mine was pretty big. They offered me two raises before I actually had a deal because they thought I might go somewhere else. I remember getting more than what was normal, but it was still an NXT deal," said Perkins.

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TJP would elaborate on the benefits of having an NXT deal while working on the main roster when it comes to travel costs.

"If you're on NXT and you're wrestling on the main roster, that's the best-case scenario because you're making a lot extra and getting to keep a lot of it because you don't have to handle rental cars and stuff like that."

"I did really well at the gate. I think even to this day none of the cruiserweights lucked out as much as what I got initially. I got like six shirts and two action figures and some of the guys are just getting their first shirts and figures now, which sucks. That's something that could have really helped the perception of the cruiserweights in terms of the fans if there was more stuff like that put out."

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the player below: