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TJP shoots down rumor on why he was released by WWE



TJP took to Twitter to shoot down a rumor that has been making the rounds on why he was released by WWE.

The story is that he was released because he got a tattoo without clearing it with management.

TJP says that the story is false and, in fact, the tattoo was cleared by management several months ago. He also noted that "the boss" (presumably Vince McMahon) saw the tattoo last Tuesday and there were no issues.

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For those of you wondering, wrestlers are encouraged to clear any new tattoos or haircuts with management because a wrestler changing his/her look can complicate things with merchandise/video games.

Here is what TJP said about the story making the rounds:

"I mean, the boss thought they were pretty cool last Tuesday when we met ??‍♂️...and also when he gave me permission to get them 6 months ago."