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TNA tries to sign CM Punk with a major “Hulk Hogan level” money offer

TNA (through an intermediary who is friends with Punk), made a play to try and get him into the company. They also tried to get Alberto Del Rio a few weeks ago. The idea for Punk was that he would get a huge money deal and he’d be the top star of the company. The money was described to be similiar to what Hulk Hogan made when he was in TNA. The idea for Punk would be for him to be their flagship star and his name would help them get a stronger TV deal. Punk expressed no interest in working in wrestling again.

As noted yesterday, Punk was at the OVW Saturday Night Special show visiting his friend Cliff Compton backstage, Rip Rogers, and Trailer Park Trash. Reports were that the wrestlers were told to leave him alone and he wasn’t there to be bothered. That was not soemthing that Punk asked for but it was done out of respect.

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