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TNA's John Gaburick met with WWE's Kevin Dunn last week - the latest on TNA sale talks

WWE / TNA Wrestling

WWE / TNA Wrestling

The big question this week in TNA is who funded Bound For Glory and the recent set of TV tapings? Billy Corgan has gone on record saying that he hoped to purchase the company but it's a complicated process.

The funds came in just three days before Sunday's Bound For Glory because that is when the people who needed the money for the satellite feed to go out were contacted. Pay-per-view providers were not taking orders until Friday evening. My cable company was definitely not taking orders until Friday so it looks like they were waiting on funds to clear before they made the show available. I can understand that because it would be a nightmare to have to process refunds if the show did not take place.

There was supposed to be a talent meeting on Sunday afternoon but the meeting never took place. It did take place on Monday after it was made clear to Dixie Carter that the talent wanted answers and there wasn't much said in the meeting but she did say that she would not allow WWE to buy the company. Despite what Carter said, there are rumors that the deal for WWE to buy the tape library (not the company) is still in play.

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It should be noted that John Gaburick visited with WWE's Kevin Dunn last week so there were definitely discussions going on. Gaburick and Dunn have been friends for decades and it's been said that Gaburick was the one who brought WWE into the picture with the TNA talks.

The talent pay was addressed and they were told that the company was waiting on payments owed to them. TNA has given different excuses over the last couple of years regarding late pay so you can imagine the skepticism among the people that have had pay issues. The Fight Network has a small ownership stake along with Aroluxe and Bill Corgan so that likely means that TFN has also kicked in money to help TNA.

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