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Tom Phillips’ WWE status is unclear



We noted earlier on the site that Tom Phillips is going to be replaced as the lead announcer on WWE Raw by Adnan Virk. It was later noted that Corey Graves is moving from SmackDown to Raw while Michael Cole will stay in his role on the blue brand.

It was later reported that Phillips was going to call the Raw side of matches at WrestleMania 37 - Night 1, but was pulled from the broadcast due to COVID-19 protocols.

Dave Meltzer noted something interesting on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio episode by stating that Phillips may not be back on WWE programming. Thus, his future is up in the air as unless other changes are made, there’s no clear direction as to how WWE will use him going forward on broadcasts of their television shows.

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“Michael Cole did the whole show, which wasn’t the plan because Tom Phillips, who apparently may not be back, I don’t know what the story is. I was trying to check all day, but people were so busy with matches, I didn’t really get an answer and the people I talked with had no idea there was going to be a change. Tom Phillips apparently there was a COVID protocol issue for tonight and the story is on Monday Adnan Virk starts as the new announcer on Raw.”

Meltzer added that he’s trying to confirm all the details and hopes to have that done soon.