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Tommaso Ciampa blocks WWE Network’s Twitter account for wishing him a happy birthday

Tommaso Ciampa is living it up as a top heel in NXT and he just might be the most hated man in all of WWE at this point. He brings heat not only in the ring but on social media as well and it’s highly entertaining to watch.

Now it looks like there’s one more thing you can’t do to Tommaso besides asking him for a selfie or congratulating him on having a five-star match. It looks like you can’t even wish The Sicilian Psychopath a happy birthday.

WWE Network’s official Twitter account made the mistake of stepping out of line by saying happy birthday to Ciampa and they paid for it by being invited to a big block party hosted by the former NXT Tag Team Champion.

Apparently, Johnny Gargano isn’t the only one who recently¬†experienced Tommaso Ciampa’s wrath because he is ready to take aim at anyone at this point who forgets the fact that he’s a heel who apparently never breaks kayfabe.


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