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Tommaso Ciampa explains why he isn’t a bad person

There aren’t very many heels who can draw heat like Tommaso Ciampa. He might still be in NXT but his storyline with Johny Gargano will be probably regarded as one of the best stories ever told under the WWE umbrella involving the disintegration of a tag team. There is pure hatred between the two and plenty of room to run with this battle. It turns out an unsanctioned match wasn’t even enough to squelch this feud.

But if you ask Tommaso Ciampa, he is not a bad person. He might be pretty dispised where ever he wrestles but that doesn’t meet his definition of what a bad person really is.

According to Ciampa, a bad person is someone “who carries on a conversation with a friend via twitter while continuing to tag a third party, when said third party has absolutely zero interest in the conversation.”

Apparently, Ciampa is still having an issue with people tagging him into conversations that he neither wants to be a part of or has no business seeing. This might be a pretty specific definition of what a bad person is, but according to Ciampa it doesn’t fit him


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