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Tommaso Ciampa says goodbye, Triple H appears at WWE NXT Stand & Deliver



Tommaso Ciampa has wrestled his last match in WWE NXT against Tony D'Angelo at NXT Stand & Deliver. Before the match got started, Ciampa did the water spitting spot to pay tribute to Triple H and he did the Shawn Michaels muscle pose.

It was a back and forth match until D'Angelo got desperate and grabbed a crowbar. The ref took it way but D'Angelo used that time to hit a low blow and a modified fisherman's suplex, into a near fall. D'Angelo tried to use the crowbar again but Ciampa caught him with the Willows bell and Fairytale Ending but D'Angelo kicked out of the pin attempt.

Ciampa locked in a crossface submission but D'Angelo made it to the bottom rope as fans chanted "Tommy Wrestling." D'Angelo won the match after kicking Ciampa in the side of the head. That happened after Ciampa took a DDT on the exposed floor at ringside.

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Ciampa got a standing ovation. As he walked to the back, Triple H's music played and he hugged Ciampa. It was an emotional scene.

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