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Tommaso Ciampa says Rick Steiner was meant to be at WWE NXT Halloween Havoc



This year’s WWE NXT Halloween Havoc special on the USA Network looked to be the crowning moment in Bron Breakker’s career thus far when he challenged Tommaso Ciampa for the WWE NXT Title.

Breakker was a heavy favorite to win the title on this night, but WWE decided to keep the title to Ciampa instead. Ciampa shared an interesting piece of news in a recent interview with TalkSport as he claims Rick Steiner, Breakker’s father, was set to be at the show. However, Steiner pulled out at the last minute. It’s unclear if he was scheduled to appear on camera.

“So, [Rick Steiner] was meant to be at Halloween Havoc,” Ciampa said. “He pulled out last minute. Maybe because I retained, but I won’t say that’s why [laughs]. I would love to be friends with him.”

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He recalled telling Breakker that he didn’t just want to meet his dad, but he wants him to be his buddy and exchange numbers and do whatever Steiner does.

This defeat marked Breakker's first loss since debuting in September. It should be noted that after Breakker made his debut, it was reported that the NXT announcers were not allowed to say Steiner’s name on commentary or bring up that Breakker is the son of the legendary tag team wrestler.

Although WWE does have some bad blood with Scott Steiner, there’s no heat between Rick and the company. Perhaps, he will appear on NXT television in the future.