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Tommaso Ciampa takes big shot at Aleister Black



Aleister Black has carried the NXT Title for 78 days and counting since he defeated Andrade Cien Almas at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans and he's made a pretty good champion so far, but he might have met his match with the biggest heel in WWE's developmental territory.

Black has defended his NXT Title once so far at a TakeOver special but each time including his initial title win Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano were actually the main event of the evening. This is a pretty big accomplishment but it should also speak to the importance of Team DIY's bloodthirsty feud.

Ciampa recently took a pretty big shot at the NXT Champion when he posted a picture from an interview Black did with WWE. The Sicilian Psychopath had his own version of Aleister's interview as he took a major shot at the man formally known as Tommy End.

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Tommaso brought up the fact that having a match against him could be the only way Aleister Black will actually get the main event slot at a TakeOver show. If Aleister Black ends up facing Tommaso Ciampa in Brooklyn things could get very interesting especially if the next Ciampa vs Gargano match is for the NXT Title.

One thing is for sure, Tommaso Ciampa has his eyes set on Aleister Black and his NXT Title so The Dutch Destroyer might need to be careful because Ciampa is capable of some serious levels of violence.