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Tommy Dreamer discusses Candice Michelle's final match



Tommy Dreamer is the Innovator Of Violence and his House Of Hardcore shows continue to excite people all over the globe. It was recently announced that Candice Michelle is planning on wrestling her final match in December and she's doing it under the HOH banner.

“Another big thing for me is what I’m doing in December. We are sending off Candice Michelle,” Dreamer said to Still Real To Us.

“When you leave WWE, people think that you just disappear. I was blessed to have a nice farewell from WWE even though they brought me back. I’m giving Candice Michelle her last ever match. It really is her last ever match [...] She couldn’t believe I wanted to do that for her. I was like, ‘Hey! You were a person who came in as a Go Daddy girl. You knew nothing about wrestling and just fell into it. Then, you became a great in-ring talent and champion.’ I feel wrestling fans need closure for the character as well as the person herself who needs her own, personal closure.”

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But it turns out Candice Michelle isn't the only person Tommy Dreamer has helped out in such a way. “I’ve done it for Beulah. I’ve done it for Traci Brooks in her hometown and now I’m doing it for Candice Michelle. I love the fact that I can do this for anyone in the business. Weirdly, women are able to leave the business a lot easier than the men... It’s just really, really cool. For me, personally, it’s a huge gratification that I can do this for my friend. I love that about wrestling. It’s going to be a huge sendoff. We are going to have some really big news this week.”

As House Of Hardcore continues there are sure to be even more amazing moments in the promotion's future. If Tommy Dreamer has anything to do with it this won't be the last big deal coming out of HOH, that's for sure.

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