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Tommy Dreamer explains why he is upset with James Ellsworth, comments on ECW Unauthorized special



Former WWE Superstar and ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer recently appeared on Under the Mat Radio to discuss various topics. During the interview, Dreamer was asked about the ECW Unauthorized special on the WWE Network. He noted that what aired on the streaming service was the edited version and was the first time that himself, Paul Heyman, Dudleys, and Taz have all been together since ECW One Night Stand 2005. He said that Heyman had screwed him over many times more than anybody ever has but thinks that Heyman should take all of the credit in the world for the success of ECW. “It was the best times in people's lives, and I've said it myself, I learned a lot about the person I am and why I am what I am. I experienced loss, a lot of people tell me what ECW meant to them (Blah Blah Blah) but ECW didn't have to go away, but it did, it was like a death to me. One day you're on top of the world and then next you're unemployed.”

James Ellsworth was supposed to appear at the House of Hardcore 23 event last week to team up with Dreamer to face The Squad (Spirit Squad) in the main event. However, Ellsworth pulled out of the appearance due to him being under contract with WWE. When asked about it, Dreamer said that he is not happy with Ellsworth. He noted that Ellsworth screwed over Dean Ambrose in storyline but in real life, he screwed him over and he is pissed off about it.

Tommy also discussed Dusty Rhodes and more. You can check out the full interview here.

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