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Tommy Dreamer furious with WWE over Hardys booking but Vince McMahon and Triple H come through in the end

Matt and Jeff Hardy almost did not wrestle at Saturday night’s House of Hardcore show in Philadelphia, despite being booked before they returned to WWE. To their credit, The Hardys insisted that they really should finish out their commitments and WWE agreed but they were told that they could only appear and they could not do anything physical. The funny thing is that Drew Galloway was allowed to work an ICW show in the UK last week and he is going to work on one more WCPW show so he can drop the title.

They appeared but did not wrestle at the HOH show in New Jersey on Friday night but the Saturday night show at 2300 (ECW) Arena was a bigger deal because they had been promoting The Hardys vs. Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer for months. That match was not expected to happen so Tommy Dreamer was able to get ROH COO Joe Koff to sign off on letting him book The Young Bucks as replacements. Unfortunately, one of The Bucks got sick and could not make it so that threw a monkey wrench in Dreamer’s back up plan.

According to PWInsider, more than one person noted that this was the angriest they had seen Dreamer since the closing of ECW in 2001 because his House of Hardcore promotion prides itself in being about no politics and no BS and in this case, he was dealing with WWE politics. Later in the day, Dreamer reached out to someone in WWE and was told by them that they didn’t know that The Hardys were supposed to wrestle (nevermind the fact that it had been promoted for months).

Vince McMahon and Triple H finally signed off on allowing The Hardys to wrestle but made it clear that they had to be careful to not get injured. When it was time for the main event, they teased that The Spirit Squad would be replacing The Hardys but it was a swerve and Matt and Jeff came out for their match. The Hardys said that nothing would stop them from wrestling even if it meant that they would get fired on Monday night. Obviously, that was not a shoot and they were never going to be fired since WWE gave them approval. So, in the end, things worked out.

After the match, Dreamer took the time to thank Joe Koff, Triple H and Vince McMahon.


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