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Tommy Dreamer on crying when he had to fire WWE wrestlers, John Laurinaitis saying ‘Do you think I like firing people?’

Tommy Dreamer had former WWE star Johnny Jeter (from the Spirit Squad faction) as his guest on the House of Hardcore podcast this week. Dreamer also shared some stories from his time in WWE.

Dreamer said he had a very difficult time telling wrestlers they were being released when he was in charge of talent for OVW:

“The hardest part was when they wanted to start letting some people go,” Dreamer said. “I remember telling Johnny (Laurinaitis) when I had to fire three people, and the first guy I got on the phone, I started crying. I was like, ‘I promise, I know so many indie promoters. I’ll try and get you work.’”

Dreamer continued, “I remember the second person was like, ‘I kind of saw it coming.’ By the third person, I believe it was Lamont. He was Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller’s butler. He was in developmental. I couldn’t fire somebody on the phone like Johnny. When I hung up the phone, I was seriously balling my eyes out because I knew these people. I had to go down there and tell them. At the end, they would say, ‘It’s ok, I’ll be ok’, and I would say, ‘No, you don’t understand. I hate doing this.’ Then I had to go back and tell Johnny, ‘Listen, I can’t do this. So if this is part of my job, I can’t do it.’ He said, ‘Do you think I like firing people?’ I said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘If you don’t do it, somebody else will.’ I said, ‘Ok, cool. That somebody else will be you.’ That settled my argument with him. Seriously, I fired three people in my entire life and I can’t hack it because I feel like I’m crushing their dream and I’m crushing their soul.”

You can check out the entire show by clicking on the player embedded below.

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