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Tommy Dreamer on recent Joey Styles controversy, Curt Hawkins returning to WWE, more



Former WWE/ECW/TNA star Tommy Dreamer recently spoke with Wrestledelphia to promote Friday’s House of Hardcore 22 event in Philadelphia. During the interview, he was asked about Bryan Myers returning to WWE as Curt Hawkins on SmackDown Live. For those who may not know, Myers worked his last match on the indie scene before returning to WWE. Dreamer wishes that he would have stayed with HOH but understands that people will have to do what they have to do because he can’t may them enough money to stay. “He was getting married. Eventually, he wants to have children. He needed to go back. Until you have the financial security as a business owner to provide people with jobs, you can't hold that against them. If he left WWE tomorrow, I'd use him the next day.

Beyond Wrestling, CHIKARA, and EVOLVE has all parted ways with Joey Styles following the Donald Trump-related joke he made during the live broadcast of EVOLVE 72 last month. When asked about the situation, he thought it was BS because a promoter cannot fire somebody from an independent company unless they’re giving them a full-time salary. Dreamer believes that the situation shouldn’t have been made public and instead Gabe Sapolsky, booker of EVOLVE, could have told Styles that they’re not going to use Styles anymore and move on. “If there was ever a person who is a great human being, an amazing husband, an amazing father, an all-around great person, it's Joey Styles.” He doesn’t think that it’s fair to call Styles a racist or homophobic. He thinks that the situation could have avoided but noted that Styles has moved forward.

When asked if he would use Styles in his promotion, Dreamer said that he would and that Styles may be a surprise at one of his upcoming shows.

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