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Tommy Dreamer says he almost killed himself when ECW shut down

Tommy Dreamer is the latest guest on the Steve Austin podcast. Tommy told some funny road stories. He revealed that Bully Ray sleepwalks and Rhino is a germaphobe. Tommy talked about House of Hardcore and how his reputation has helped keep the promotion successful. He talked about starting in ECW the first day Paul Heyman took over. He said that he was offered a job in WCW for $75,000 to be one half of the American Males in the early 90s. He also talked about the famous caning angle in ECW with The Sandman that helped change him from a bland babyface guy into a guy the fans respected.

Tommy talked about the 97 invasion in Philadelphia on a WWE pay-per-view. He said that the only person that knew what was going down (from WWE) was Savio Vega. JBL didn’t know even though he was in the match. He said that the ECW wrestlers were not perceived well by WWE in 1997.

Tommy said that it was heartbreaking to find out that Paul Heyman was in bed with Vince McMahon all along. He said he found out that Paul was in bed with Vince on WWE Byte This when they were getting ready to do the One Night Stand pay-per-view in 2005. He said that he wanted to kill Paul because he felt that he was lied to and Paul didn’t have to lie to him and ECW didn’t have to go out of business but he felt that Paul just gave up on ECW. Tommy said that the ECW ring truck was in his name and Tommy and his parents were helping pay for the company (hundreds of thousands of dollars). He said that towards the end of WCW Eric Bischoff wanted to do an ECW invasion angle but Paul said “Vince will go crazy.” That’s when Tommy realized that something was up.

Tommy said he was depressed when ECW closed down and if it weren’t for his parents he would have killed Paul or killed himself. The one good thing about being depressed was that he lost so much weight that he got in great shape. Luckily for Tommy, WWE hired him several months after ECW closed down.


It’s a great interview. You can check out the latest show with Tommy below.

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