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Tommy Dreamer says WWE should wait until Seth Rollins returns to turn Roman Reigns heel

Tommy Dreamer spoke with TSN in Canada to promote the House of Hardcore 14 event. Here are the highlights.

On Ryback wanting equal pay in WWE:

“I give him respect and props for voicing his opinion, but I look at wrestling from a regular business model. We’re here in Toronto and Jose Bautista is the big conversation. ‘They should re-sign him.’ Well, he’s batting about .220 right now, and he’s 30-some odd years of age, so maybe the Blue Jays are right in not re-signing him. It’s different in that that sport is based on athletic ability. However in wrestling, it’s based upon what somebody feels – and that somebody would be Vince McMahon – about how he can draw money off of you. There is a way, business-wise, to say if we put everybody’s shirts out there, whose shirts are they going to buy? And that’s how we can make the decision. To me, if Zack Ryder is the number-one shirt seller, guess what? He should be pushed.”

On when Roman Reigns should turn heel:

“Wait until Seth Rollins comes back. That can be (Reigns’) big heel turn. It’s funny because on social media on Mondays and Tuesdays, when everybody is talking about it just like we are, (Reigns’ heel turn) is a pop culture hot topic. To me, whatever happens with the (current) AJ Styles and Roman Reigns feud, the moment Seth Rollins comes back, Seth Rollins could be the biggest babyface WWE will have of all-time. ‘Hey, I want my title back, Roman Reigns.’ Guess what? He has just turned heel because no one is going to cheer him against Seth Rollins.”

The full interview is available at this link.


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