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Tonight's Firefly Funhouse match at WWE WrestleMania is going to get weird



John Cena is back in action for his first match under the WWE banner in over a year.

He’ll do so when he takes on Bray Wyatt, who will be portraying his alter ego The Fiend, in a Firefly Funhouse match tonight at WrestleMania 36 - Night 2 in Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center on the WWE Network.

This will be the first time that such a match like this will take place. Some fans have high expectations for it after seeing the incredible Boneyard Match between AJ Styles and The Undertaker on Saturday night.

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Cena took to his official Twitter account where he sent out this teaser ahead of the contest, which you can see here:

“Night 1 of #WrestleMania was incredible! Thrilled I wasn’t facing @Undertaker until I realized I step into the #FireflyFunhouse TONIGHT. I have a feeling it’s gonna get .... weird. Tune into the @WWENetwork TONITE! @WWE.”

Cena is not joking because when plans were laid out for this match, the idea was to do something that would get everyone on the internet talking.

This match is expected to be held outside of the Performance Center at another location just like the Boneyard Match. For the past few days, Cena has been trolling Wyatt on Instagram with photos of Wyatt from his days as Husky Harris. As previously noted on the site, Cena did a worked shoot promo on "Husky Harris" and the "entitled" WWE roster. Someone in WWE apparently did not like it so the promo was deleted from WWE's social media channels. You can click here to see the original (deleted) promo.