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Tons of details on Alberto Del Rio’s settlement with WWE

Yesterday we posted some details on the settlement between Alberto Del Rio and WWE. As noted, the belief is that Del Rio is free and clear to work wherever he wants but he would agree to not make anymore remarks publicly about the company. The main thing the company was concerned with was the talk about racial jokes in the company and racial remarks by higher-ups in the company. His non-compete clause was dropped and he got a financial settlement from the company as well.

WWE was very conscious about potential backlash from the public if they were portrayed as being racist towards Hispanics. Hispanics make up about 20 percent of their audience in the United States and Mexico is one of their top markets. Several weeks back at a press conference before a show in Mexico, they had Sin Cara go out and talk about the opportunities that he was given by WWE. They way it came off was like the company was trying to push to the people that they weren’t a racist company.

Also, as noted yesterday, the one thing that Del Rio wanted but didn’t get was a public apology for inappropriate remarks. At first WWE agreed to it but then they took it out in their settlement agreement. Since Del Rio already was getting most of what he asked for (money, dropped non-compete, etc) that he didn’t push the issue with the public apology.

Also, sources that are close to the situation have said that WWE offered Del Rio a job back with the company. When he was first released he was told that he would eventually be brought back and several top stars in the company went to management because they wanted him back but Del Rio declined the future offer at the time.

It is also believed that the settlement terms terms include an agreement that Del Rio will not sue the company. The settlement could open the doors now for him to appear at the next set of tapings for Lucha Underground on January 17th.

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