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Tons of new details on Alberto Del Rio’s firing; top names pushing to bring him back

Alberto Del Rio is said to be furious at how everything went down with his departure from WWE. For those that haven’t already read about it, the short version of the story is that he slapped Cody Barbierri from the WWE social media departmnent after Del Rio heard about a joke that was taken to be as a racist jab at him. Del Rio was told by Vince McMahon that he would be fined $5,000 and suspended for two weeks. Then the next day or two he was told that he was being released by the company.

Del Rio apparently will be doing U.S. media and going into more details on what happened. Del Rio has described things as being banned from MMA or wrestling in the United States for one year as part of the terms of his release. He was also told that since he was fired for assaulting an employee that he wouldn’t be receiving any severance pay for that year.

All WWE contracts allow them to terminate a wrestler for certain breaches. Unprofessional behavior is one of them and allows them not to pay severance, no downside guarantee, and allows them not to pay royalties on merchandise or DVDs. He was also told that he could not use the name Alberto Del Rio. He said that he’s been seeing a lawyer because he feels that a one year non compete in the United States is ecessive especially since he won’t be getting paid by WWE for the year. He feels it’s unfair because he lives in San Antonio and it’s how he supports his family.

Del Rio is said to be well off financially. One thing that wasn’t specifically addressed in his termination letter was autograph signings. Del Rio’s representatives have contacted indy promoters to let them know that he would be taking autorgrph bookings and wrestling bookings in the United States soon because he did not believe that a one year non compete with no pay would hold up. His asking price is said to be extreely high (Bret Hart level). His contract with WWE would have expired in February and was considering leaving at that time. He and his wife considered not suing WWE to get his job back but when he received the termination letter, that changed his position.

People close to the situation said that Triple H told Del Rio that he was being let go and he just needed to keep his nose clean and when the heat died down they’d bring him back in six months. He told them that he wasn’t intereted in returning.

Del Rio said in an interview that he’s not sure if he will or won’t sue WWE. Also, sources said that Del Rio was mad that Barbierri wasn’t fired but publicly for legal reasons has not said that.

People close to Del Rio believe that since there is a lawsuit out against WWE and Big Show from a former guy in production that claims Show roughed him up during an interview segment that WWE had to let Del Rio go and it if they didn’t fire him then it would strengthen a potential case by Barbierri and he could claim that WWE provided an unsafe working environment. Also, people close to the situation said that John Cena, Big Show, and Randy Orton told Del Rio that they would push the company to hire him back because most of the locker room was sympathetic to him. Again, as noted, Del Rio made it clear that he doesn’t want to go back.

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