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Tony Khan crowned as the ‘most loved’ billionaire of 2021, Vince McMahon ranks number 7

Thanks to Martyn John for the following:

AEW owner Tony Khan has been crowned the world’s ‘most loved’ billionaire according to the 2021 Beloved Billionaire 100 from

The study looked at over 1,500 of the worlds richest people, analyzing over 2 billion internet searches and more than 100,000 social media posts to find the most popular billionaire business tycoons.

The super-wealthy business leaders were then given a ranking based on the number of annual Google searches they received, combined with the % of social media posts about them that were positive.

The comprehensive study found  AEW’s Tony Khan to be the world’s ‘most loved’ billionaire, with a massive 38% of all social media mentions of the 38 year old sport mogul being overtly positivemore than any other person on the list, beating household names including Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and WWE rival Vince McMahon who placed 7th on the list with a score of just 23%.

Key findings of the study were:

  • Tony Khan is the world’s most loved billionaire with 38% of all mentions of him being positive
  • Elon Musk is the world’s most searched billionaire with 64 million searches a year
  • Vince McMahon is the billionaire with the highest wealth-to-popularity ratio ranking 8th overall despite being worth ‘just’ $2.2bn and a Forbes ranking of 1417

The top 10 ‘most loved’ Billionaires in the world 

Billionaire Social Sentiment (Positive %)
1. Tony Khan 39%
2. Mackenzie Scott 37%
3. Elon Musk 35%
4. Bill Gates 32%
5. Warren Buffett 31%
6. David Tepper 27%
7. Vince Mcmahon 23%
8. Evan Spiegel 22%
9. Giovanni Ferrero 21%
10. Sergey Brin 20%


The World’s most popular billionaires

In the combined search and sentiment rankingsboth Tony Khan and Vince McMahon appeared in the top 10 for most popular billionaires in the world, with Khan placing two spots higher than the elder McMahon, ahead of Mark Zuckerberg, David Tepper and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey.

Tesla’s Elon Musk took the overall top spot for most popular billionaire, thanks in part to a staggering 64,677,930 annual searches, more than double the number two spot, Bill Gates.

Beloved Billionaire Ranking Net Worth Famous For Popularity Score Worldwide Search Social Sentiment (Positive %)
1. Elon Musk $201.7 B Tesla, Spacex 100 64,677,930 35%
2. Bill Gates $131.5 B Microsoft 87 31,023,210 32%
3. Mackenzie Scott $56.5 B Amazon 70 7,191,020 37%
4. Warren Buffett $101.5 B Berkshire Hathaway 70 10,353,810 31%
5. Jeff Bezos $195.4 B Amazon 59 38,800,260 16%
6. Tony Khan $8 bn AEW 55 670,750 39%
7. Mark Zuckerberg $125.3 B Facebook 41 14,442,490 10%
8. Vince Mcmahon $2.1 bn WWE 38 3,850,560 23%
9. David Tepper $15.8 B Hedge Funds 34 371,470 27%
10. Jack Dorsey $14.4 B Twitter, Square 32 4,714,630 18%

View and download the Beloved Billionaire 100 infographic

The full study, including infographics and downloadable data, is available over on the study page over at If using any of the data or graphics, we’d really appreciate if you could link to the full study so people can see the full data.

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